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EP 6: Attention Talent... Reboot or Get The Boot
3 Dec 2023
6:35 am

Connectivity & Technology now offer us the tools we need to be a more productive talent. The Era of Covid has accelerated both current technology adoption and introduction of new technology with IR4.0 expected to take shape quicker than predicted. There is now the expectation that talent must take the increasing self-responsibility to upgrade their capabilities and adapt to the New Normal and live up to the greater trust placed on them. Talent has to be smarter and the tools are getting smarter as well.

Raja Singham, Co-founder & Managing Director, BAC Education Group

• An educator, entrepreneur and a founding member of a range of companies specialising in education, corporate training, advertising, publications, event management and IT development. Raja founded Brickfields Asia College in 1991, which grew to become the largest law school in Malaysia. Named Education Man of the Year by the Brand Laureate for contributions to the education sector, he has implemented various initiatives to improve education and access to education in Malaysia. Raja joined the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ABAC) as the Malaysian representative.

Dato’ Sri Ganes, Deputy President, Malaysia IoT Association

• He is the elected Vice President of the International Vocational Education and Training Association ( IVETA ), overseeing the region of South Asia. He is also the honourable, Vice Chairman of Malaysia loT Association, commonly referred as “MyIotA” - the largest conglomerate association for industry players/stakeholders of the IoT Technology in Malaysia. Due to his notable contributions all over the nation in respect of disruptive technologies for and in the education and training industry, he is now appointed as the Director of the Penang STEM which is under the purview of Penang State Government.

Ku Kok Peng, Chief Strategy Officer, Green Packet Bhd

• He joined Green Packet as Group Chief Strategy Officer in October 2020 and leads the Strategy, Change Management, Talent, Investor Relations, Communications and Legal functions. Prior, Ku served PEMANDU Associates, from March 2017 to September 2020. He holds key insights in direct investment, investor relations, fiscal management, strategic communications and multiple vertical sectors and has directed project engagements in Asia, Africa, Latin America & Eurasia.

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